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30/04/2013, 14:27
How we work? The office carries out advocacy in a number of ways. Here are a few examples, which can also be found in more detail throughout the website:  ● Follow policy developments on a number of issues that could affect Fair Trade and Trade Justice ● Liaise with European...

Fair Trade movement and African farmers call for...

15 March 2016 (Paris) – The Fair Trade Advocacy Office has launched a position paper at the Cotton Forum taking place in Paris today, in cooperation with the Association of African Cotton Producers. In this new document, the...Read More

New report from the European Commission is labelled...

29 January 2016 (Brussels) - A new report from the European Commission on unfair trading practices in the food supply chain has been branded ‘a missed opportunity’ by campaigners. The European Commission’s report “Unfair...Read More

Fair and transparent fashion and textile supply chains...

2 December 2015 (Brussels) - Fashion Revolution and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office joined forces on the 1st December to raise awareness amongst EU decision makers of the lack of transparency and imbalances of power in...Read More

The human cost of cheap bananas

10 November 2015 (Brussels) - New report shows how increasing market power and Unfair Trading Practices of European supermarkets affect banana small farmers and plantation workers  Banana workers and small farmers...Read More


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