Commissioner Mimica's statement on global respect of social and environmental standards in the garment sector

"Today is World Fair Trade Day and an opportunity to underline how much, in its role as the world's largest donor, providing more than half of global official aid to partner countries, the European Union is a convinced and active supporter of fair trade practices. We consider them as contributing significantly to inclusive and sustainable growth.


Developing countries need to create better employment opportunities for their populations, and it is equally important that people can work under decent social and environmental conditions and that respect existing international labour standards.

The European Commission is reflecting how we can create incentives for partner countries, as well as the private sector, for the responsible management of the supply chain in which all actors abide by those standards and principles.

We also welcome initiatives such as Fashion Revolution which gives consumers the power to make informed purchasing decisions and the ability to make a real difference to small producers in developing countries.

2015 is the European Year for Development and we hope this will be the time to catalyse existing initiatives, build on best practices and mobilise efforts on the most critical issues. We are confident that collectively we can create a change and begin to fashion a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable way of working in the garment industry."










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