The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commends Fair Trade Beyond 2015

Following the transmission of the signatories of the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration the FTAO received in October post from New York. In the letter UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states that he had taken note of our call for a new global framework that enables fair trade as a part of the renewed global partnership and commends the work of our vast network.

BanKiMoonScan Pic0002

Reiterating that it is his “firm conviction that the international community, including the United Nations system and the Member States, must devote due attention to the principles of fairness and the contribution of trade and investment to the sustainable eradication of poverty” Mr Ban Ki-moon expressed that he counted on the Fair Trade movement’s “strong and continued support to our overarching objective of advancing sustainable development and creating a just world where all people live with dignity and hope”.


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