What are FTAO´s views?

Once adopted, the European Commission is competent to assist Member States in transposing the Public Procurement Directives into national law, and to monitor their proper application once they are adopted. Besides this watchdog role, the European Commission can issue specific guidance on some areas of Public Procurement, such as sustainable procurement. For the 2004 Directives, the European Commission issued a guide on the environmental aspects of procurement (“Buying Green”), and another one on the social considerations (“Buying Social”).

The Commission should make sure that Member States have a common understanding of the possibilities offered by the new Directives in the area of Socially Responsible Public Procurement. Furthermore, the Commission should encourage Members States to include Fair Trade alongside other social criteria in their public contracts through specific guidance on how to do it, giving examples of public authorities that already support small producers through their public purchases.

In addition, DG MARKT as the unit responsible for Public Procurement legislation should liaise with other DGs to ensure that the policy proposals made in the area of Sustainable Public Procurement, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Private Sector and Development, Sustainable Consumption and Production in the post-2015 development framework, are coherent with the revised Public Procurement Directives.



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