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FTAO Newsletter Articles: 

Equal harvest: Report on the gender gap in smallholder agriculture (March 2015)

Fair Trade celebrates the International Women's Day with #WomenForChange (March 2015)

Time to celebrate the important role of women in Fair Trade (March 2014)

Interesting Documents and Articles: 

On the website of Fairtrade International there are stories of women who, through their commitment and dedication have been a great inspiration to the movement over the past years. Also find a slideshow on Women and Fair Trade and a report of the next steps that will be taken to support women in Fair Trade. 

The World Fair Trade Organization published a Women 's Month special edition of its update called “Empowering women through Fair Trade”. The publication provides an analysis of how micro-credits have helped women to realize their dreams; presents a book on Fair Trade called “Trading Our Way Up, Women Organizing for Fair Trade” and celebrates the Indian Fair Trade organisations' 30 years of helping destitute women. 

The Belgian Development Agency published a report on Fair Trade and women, available in French and Dutch.

Fair Trade and gender by Oxfam Magasins du Monde (in French) published an article Femmes et commerce équitable, un couple qui fonctionne!


The unshakeable Ketiara coffee family


Earthquakes may ruin homes and damage villages, but nothing can shake the sense of family at the Indonesian coffee cooperative Ketiara.


Ibu Rahmah is the founder of Indonesia’s Ketiara Coffee Cooperative. She is also a wife, a mother, a coffee farmer, the co-op chairwoman... in short, says the co-op’s manager, Lina: “She is everything to Ketiara.” 



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