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30/04/2013, 14:27
How we work? The office carries out advocacy in a number of ways. Here are a few examples, which can also be found in more detail throughout the website:  ● Follow policy developments on a number of issues that could affect Fair Trade and Trade Justice ● Liaise with European...

Fair Trade housewarming at the European Parliament

8 October 2014 (Brussels) – The European Parliament Fair Trade Working Group hosted a Fair Trade Breakfast today. Large numbers of renowned and new Members of the European Parliament attended in support of...Read More

EU Import duties on Kenyan flowers threaten future...

EU Import duties on Kenyan flowers threaten future of Fairtrade producers   Fairtrade urgently calls for the EU and Kenyan government to find a solution which guarantees continued duty-free access for Kenyan cut...Read More

Commission passes on hot potato on Unfair Trading...

15 July 2014 (Brussels) – The European Commission has missed the chance today to push for a level playing-field and robust enforcement mechanism on Unfair Trading Practices. Instead, it calls on industry and EU Member States...Read More

Fair Trade movement congratulates first Fair Trade-enthusiast European...

15 July 2014 (Brussels) - The European Parliament has elected today Jean-Claude Juncker as new President of the European Commission. Mr Juncker, a self-declared Fair Trade-enthusiast, is the first Commission President to...Read More


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