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A new video titled ‘‘Someone always pays the price’’ by the Make Fruit Fair Campaign makes clear that the price pressure by supermarkets takes the air to breath from the producers. The clip will be screened in cinemas throughout Europe raising awareness about these consequences sustainably cheap prices for bananas have on the producers.

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A handful of powerful supermarket chains dominate the highly concentrated European retail market and leave less and less choice for consumers where to buy in the EU. Supermarkets have a stranglehold and are squeezing out banana workers and farmers who suffer low wages, exposition to toxic chemicals and the trampling of their rights.

But it does not have to be this way, we can change this situation: Make a difference and sign our Make Fruit Fair Petition against unfair trading practices!

Make Fruit Fair is a global consortium of 19 partners including the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) from the European Union, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and the Windward Islands - coordinated by Oxfam Germany.

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Introduction to the WHO’S GOT THE POWER? report by Sergi Corbalán


 You can watch this video by clicking here.