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Fairtrade International’s 2012-13 annual report

On 3 September 2013 the Fairtrade International 2012-13 annual report was released.

The report shows that over 1.3 million farmers and workers in 70 countries are part of 1,149 producer organisations in the Fairtrade system. In addition to sales income, these producer groups benefitted from around 80 million euros in Fairtrade Premium money in 2012.

Consumers also showed their growing support for Fairtrade by spending 4.8 billion euros on Fairtrade-certified products in 2012. A Fairtrade-commissioned study in 17 countries confirmed Fairtrade’s position as the most widely-recognized ethical label.

Fairtrade-certified products became available in Kenya and will be available in India later this year, providing consumers in those markets the chance to buy Fairtrade-certified products from producers in the same country. In parallel, the Fairtrade Access Fund gave US$5.65 million in loans to small producer organizations in Latin America to address their most pressing financial needs.

For more figures read the full 2012-13 Fairtrade International Annual Report here.


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