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Prestigious European Business Award won by Fair Trade cooperative

The Fair Trade cooperative ETHIQUABLE BENELUX is a cooperative specialized in Fair Trade and organic food products. It assists and supports 40 cooperatives of small producers, creating and developing a range of 100 single origin and high quality products.

ETHIQUABLE BENELUX was identified by the jury of experts as one of the most efficient companies regarding innovation, excellence, and ethic.

Stephan Vincent, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ETHIQUABLE BENELUX, stated: “We started our activities in 2009 and it’s a great honour to be considered as a national reference in our country. The European Business Awards are well known as the sound box of the best performing companies in Europe.”

The European Business Awards have as goal to promote the visibility of organisations that excel in innovation, commercial results as well as in their social environment. The participants in the last year competition represented a turnover of €1,000bn. Together, these organisations employ 2.7 million people in Europe.

Adrian Trip, CEO of the European Business Awards explains: “We received applications of a very high level from companies that are passionate about their business. Unfortunately, very few have the chance to become the flagship of their country. It’s really remarkable to be chosen as a national champion of its country.”

Stephan Vincent concludes: “Our cooperative, specialized in Fair Trade, deliberately chose a different business model which places people in the centre of the organisation. Such an award reinforces the idea that we are working in the right direction.”


For more information on ETHIQUABLE BENELUX contact:

Stephan Vincent

+32 496 59 10 14

About the European Business Awards:

Contact: Jo Henderson

+44 7870 634 567


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