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Together for a world in balance: The European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption

The European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption will take place in Bonn (Germany) from 19 to 21 June 2015.

bristolThe Summit is being organized by the European network I SHOP FAIR – a network of critical consumers standing up for social and ecological subsistence strategies.

Through this summit, I SHOP FAIR wants to bring together young people, their ideas, worries, initiatives and projects raising awareness of ethical consumption.

The summit stems from the awareness that consumption patterns of individuals, youth groups, sport clubs, communities and entire cities have strong impacts on the global production and working conditions, which still are often unfair, dangerous and literally crying out for improvement – especially in the Global South.

It is aimed at visualising the many consume-critical projects and alternatives, at strengthening the network of people active for a world in balance and at shaping a framework and demands. 

The initiative consists of five non-governmental organisations from Poland, Malta, Austria and Germany.

Here you can find the detailed program of the event


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