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Annual report of Fair Trade networks published

The annual report for Fairtrade International (2014–2015) demonstrates that in 2014 global Fairtrade certified sales reached €5.9 billion in sales globally with much of this derived from upcoming markets, such as Canada, who saw a 40% growth in Fairtrade certified sales, demonstrating significant growth. Fairtrade International is now spread across 74 countries, affecting the livelihoods of 1.5 million farmers and workers of who are able to gain from the benefits of Fairtrade certification.

Throughout 2014 over 14,000 farmers were trained on climate change adaptation by Fairtrade International so that they may continue to succeed in their industries in the future, despite changing conditions. Fairtrade International has also diversified to support 9 gold mines in their certification process, therefore increasing the market for Fairtrade certified goods and spreading Fair Trade values into new industries. Furthermore, Fairtrade International has expanded into new partnerships with substantial players in business, notably ´Mars Chocolate UK’ who are to source Fairtrade certified chocolate for all Mars Bars in the UK and Ireland towards the end of 2015.

The full annual report for Fairtrade International can be accessed here

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The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) annual report for 2014 shows the WFTO has initiated the Guarantee System tool to ensure the Fair Trade official identity and the full compliance of members with WFTO’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade. This system was quickly adopted by more than 2/3 of members and will allow the WFTO labelling on their products to expand marketing prospects and increase sales. The WFTO Fair Trade Retailer Standard, adopted in 2013, was approved in 2014 for two members which can now use the WFTO logo in their national retailer logo.

The 2014 World Fair Trade Day saw more than 1,600 significant events and another 10,000 less significant events held for a worldwide movement promoting the values of Fair Trade. This was achieved largely through massive engagement online including 170,000 people reached on Facebook alone and many others through other platforms such as the official app. WFTO welcomed 45 new members in 2014 and counted by the end of the year, 359 members and 46 individual associates in 79 countries.

The full annual report for WFTO can be found here

“Together building a fair world economy” is the core message of the World Fair Trade Organisation-Europe’s (WFTO-Europe) Annual Report 2014-2015, which was published in July 2015. The European network of Fair Trade Organisations summarises its identity, core activities and achievements from April 2014 to April 2015 as well as giving a voice to its own members, which are at the heart of the network. As the European branch of WFTO, WFTO-Europe main mission is to be the top reference for Fair Trade in Europe and to be recognised as a network of credible Fair Trade Organisations, fully committed to Fair Trade and trade justice. Towards this aim, last year was particularly worthwhile for WFTO-Europe.

The organisation set up some concrete ideas to strengthen the network, by developing a 3-year communication strategy aimed at reinforcing its identity, engaging more with members and giving visibility to WFTO product label. in line with WFTO-Europe’s mission and vision, advocacy continues to play a key role for the organisation, who works closely with the Fair Trade Advocacy Office to enable policy environments for Fair Trade at EU level and has been more and more involved in several activities organised in the framework of the two EC projects that WFTO-Europe is running or within the Belgian Fair Trade Week and the European Civil Society Alliance-EYD 2015.

The full annual report for WFTO Europe can be accessed here



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