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EU City for Fair and Ethical Award announced by Trade Commissioner Malmström


On 18 November Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström was in Milan to stress the key role local authorities play in the promotion of the fair and ethical trade schemes. Such programs will implement the European - Trade for All - strategy which aims to boost Fair Trade not only in third countries but also on the local dimension.
She explained: “The award will recognise positive work done by a city across the European Union. And in doing so it will encourage others to follow their lead. It can also be a means to raise awareness of the kinds of policies that have the most impact”.
The first winner is supposed to be announced for the first half of 2018 following a period of consultations during 2017, in which European Commission will collect the views of the stakeholders. They will be mainly on the criteria to applying and winning the award and on the composition of the jury.


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