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Agriculture & Commodities

The Fair Trade movement believes in the role of trade in agricultural commodities to lift marginalised producers and workers out of poverty, if done according to Fair Trade terms. However, regulatory, policies and business practices make it very difficult, in particular for the most disadvantaged.

The FTAO has worked on a number of commodities that exemplify the imbalances in global trade and made recommendations on how to address them. 

Further reading

Further reading

FTAO Press Releases:

Fairtrade Access Fund To Provide Long-Term Loans To Smallholder Farmers (April 2012)

FTAO Position Papers: 

FTAO Briefing Note to the Members of the European Parliament on the Sugar reform in CAP (April 2012)

CAP post-2013 and impacts on marginalised producers and workers in the South (June 2010)

European Commission's GREEN PAPER ON AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT QUALITY - Public Consultation (December 2008)

FTAO Newsletter Articles:

Journey towards a living wage (June 2014)

Revised Fairtrade International Standard for Hired Labour bolsters support for workers (March 2014)

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Power, rights, and inclusive markets: Public policies that support small-scale agriculture (September 2013)

Fair Trade as “source of hope” for securing human rights in agriculture (September 2013)

Place Agriculture on the Agenda of Climate Change Negotiations (January 2013)

The bitterness of cocoa discussed in the European Parliament (June 2012)

Fair Trade producers told European Parliamentarians the real story of climate change at the climate meeting in Durban (January 2012)

Fair Trade coffee with a gender dimension (January 2012)

Success for Fair Flowers campaign with Members of the European Parliament (January 2012)

The voices of small-scale farmers will be brought by Fairtrade Africa to the climate meeting in Durban (October 2011)

Rising commodity prices and changing climate: what is the role of Fair Trade? (October 2011)

Sustainable small-scale agriculture as part of the solution: Oxfam's GROW Campaign (June 2011)

Recommendations for the EU’s trade in agriculture and CAP post 2013 policies (June 2011)

The global impact of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (June 2011)

Unraveling the great cotton stitch up (January 2011)

Developing countries should be more than just raw material producers (January 2011)

Fair Trade enters the international climate change debate in Cancun, Mexico (January 2011)


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