Style guide

Use h1-headline if you want to emphasize!

This first paragraph is the most important text in an articles and section/category descriptions. The Users are scanning, skimming and finding within 7 seconds the relevant information. So being short is what you can do.

(By the way - 1st paragraph can be used as meta description in Metadata Information.)

Tagging is the key (h2-tag)

Always assign tags into your text after cleaning it up from unwanted codes (styles). Then ask from yourself.

  • Is the text broken into small, readable chunks and highlighted using headings, sub-headings and emphasis features where appropriate to assist in skimming?
  • Does it look like an inverted pyramid that guarantees understanding?

test2For users and search engines articles must be properly tag and organize. You must also take care of:

  1. title tags and its relevancy (e.g. Style Quide)
  2. essential text emphasization
  3. meta excerpts and tags
  4. text organized in H1, h2, h3, h4, p..etc)
  5. outbound links reliability
  6. Are "alt" attributes used for all descriptive images?

Adding Meta information (h3-tag)

SEO meta excerpt can be maximum 155 characters long. You can use the 1st paragraph as meta description.

Remember to add metatags also in Metadata Information.


Typography give a rhythm for the text (h3-tag)

Keeping a user awake by being proving a rhythm. An inverted pyramid boost also understanding of your message. It is important to use keywords in headlines.

An example of linking (e.g. PDF) (h4-tag)


Within articles, there should be links to more detailed explanations of subjects, or definitions of jargon terms. Are you doing that? So, Keywords in anchor and other links (not Click here). Users must be guided.

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