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The next European Parliament elections are coming up and the people of the European Union (EU) will be electing their new representatives in May 2014. This is a great opportunity for the Fair Trade movement to approach the candidates and promote Fair Trade and Trade Justice.

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office, together with Fairtrade International, the World Fair Trade Organization – Europe, and other partners– 22 in total – have launched a major advocacy campaign called Vote4FT. Its aim is to create a dialogue between the EU policy-makers, the EU citizens and the Fair Trade movement on the importance of EU policies for the livelihoods of marginalised producers and workers in the South and the relevance of Fair Trade and Fair Trade principles.


The campaign will run for three years. 2013 is mostly dedicated to raise awareness about Fair Trade. Video testimonials of Fair Trade producers are available on the Internet for EU citizens. Fair Trade organisations will also get together to exchange practices and attend capacity-building events in order to improve their political advocacy abilities. One of these events already took place in Brussels.

Fair Trade actors from the Vote4FT campaign from FTAO on Vimeo.

Bara Mrazkova (Ekumenicka Akademie Praha) and Tomas Bily (NaZemi) speak on the Vote4FT campaign

FTAO hosted the first activities of the campaign VOTE4FT « Vote for Fair Trade » on April 8-9 2013. Fair Trade organisations from around Europe were invited to take part in capacity building sessions on European Commission Grant Management, on how European Union instititutions work and how to interact with them and on the EU Advocacy Network. These capacity building sessions were organised by the FTAO.


Campaign material

VOTE4FT Campaign


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